06 Feb

Early Lawn Care – Spring Season Treatment

Pre-emergent treatment

You see if every year. One dandelion pops up and then another and pretty soon they own the lawn. You’ll start seeing the daffodils and the tulips too but your should be treating your lawn well before those are in bloom. February is notorious for seasonal warmups and it’s usually when we start treating for crabgrass and early weeds. The whole point is to give the good grass the breathing space it needs to take hold and take over. We can also do some early herbicide treatment. Too many people wait until they see the weeds cropping up to give is a call. Call now and you may never see those weeds in the first place. Your lawn will thank you!

Bushes & Shrubs

Your bushes and shrubs are probably not ready for complete exposure. February weather is not predictable enough. Keep them protected from the winter chills. If you see damage, now is a good time to inspect your trees and shrubs and prune accordingly. It’s not unusual given some of the ice storms we’ve had over the past winter. Early pruning will help the rest of your bushes and shrubs thrive.

Flowers & Gardens

If your roses are beginning to bud, they’re probably confused. It happens when we get unseasonably warm spells in mid-February. We recommend that you do some light pruning! If your roses are winterized, leave them protected. until you’re sure there is no more risk of a frost. For plants that you’ve brought indoors, the same thing goes. Make sure you’re well beyond a frost before you deliver them to the outdoors.

Your Pre-Season Lawn Audit

This is actually a great time to take an audit of how your lawn is doing. As the snow lifts, your lawn has been essentially frozen in time! Look at it. are there spots of green and brown? Do you have entire areas covered by crab grasses or other worldly growths that are definitely NOT grass? Now is one of the best times to take a look because as things begin to green up, these issues tend to get buried in the greens. You know you’re guilty of mowing the crab grass – knowing that after a fresh mow, it looks great – right? The problem is that it doesn’t stay that way for long… it take over. Take a walk around your yard today and you will very quickly be able to identify the good stuff from the bad stuff. Give is a call and we’ll make the bad stuff go away. It’s one of the best times for us to assess your lawn too!

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