06 Jan

Oasis Lawn Care (Oasis Turf & Tree)

For the most part, Oasis seems to do a good job. It seems that the complaints that they do get occur when Oasishas to or should depart from their cookie-cutter services that work for the majority of their clients. This isthe first complaint we ran across like this:

Boy, Oasiswas great in the selling phase! Matt was attentive and slick. He convinced me that he wouldcustomize a “unique” service specifically for my lawn.

However, when I compared formulas to two of my neighbors, we received the exact same treatment.If the same service worked, of course I’d be a happy customer. However, my lawn was destroyed (thegrass is dead, and the weeds took over)…Turf Point offers a couple advantages. First, we are nowhere near as big as Oasis. We are much smaller and treata smaller geographical area than they do which helps in getting out for a quick turn around on any questions orservice related issues. We could have responded much more quickly to a complaint similar to the above one.

Being local also saves money! We also are typically on the cheaper side of price than Oasis plus we offer FREEsoil treatments and FREE aeration with pre pay. Most companies offer 5% or somewhere around there if you pre paywhich saves average customer $20 a year. Turf Point customers that prepay save around $150 based on what othercompanies will upcharge for aeration services.

We like to point out too that as a local company, we are focused on helping out Dayton community. Turf Pointowners give back to a local charity that helps foster children and the Dayton Area. Kyle Holden and Kris Holdengrew up in the foster care system and are dedicated to raising awareness and success in foster households.

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